Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced trial lawyer, our office is a great place to practice law. Our main office is located in downtown West Palm Beach, directly across from the courthouse. We represent clients from all parts of Palm Beach County, one of the largest, most populous, and most diverse counties in Florida. Our Appellate Division also handles appeals from the 17th Judicial Circuit (Broward County) and the 19th Judicial Circuit (Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and Okeechobee Counties).


With a staff of over 100 lawyers in constant motion, life at our office is rewarding, challenging, and never dull. We offer a positive, collegial environment, where attorneys work together to achieve the best outcome for each client. Attorneys collaborate in and out of court, whether covering depositions for a co-worker in trial or acting as a sounding board for a novel theory of defense.

Our unparalleled training and practice environment allows our attorneys to provide high-quality representation to indigent defendants. Our two-month-long orientation process and in-house trainings ensure that our lawyers have a sufficient base of knowledge when they receive a case load and continue to learn and grow while staying on top of developments in the law.

Support & Training:

The majority of the attorneys at our office have more than five years of experience in criminal defense work. Senior attorneys provide support through mentoring, training and case collaboration. Additionally, our office is one of only five in Florida with an in-house appellate division. Our trial attorneys have access to appellate attorneys with decades of experience who offer valuable knowledge of legal issues.

But lawyers are not the only ones on our team. Our office’s investigators and legal assistants are dedicated professionals who make sure that the attorneys have what they need to give each client a vigorous defense. Our Information Technology professionals quickly and reliably provide trial graphics and courtroom technology. Expert witnesses are retained when needed. Our Social Services Department assists clients to cope with difficulties they may face during and after trial. Because of our office’s scale and infrastructure, we are able to accomplish what might not be possible in a smaller practice.